Black Noi$e feat BbyMutha “Mutha Magick”

Detroit producer and DJ Black Noi$e just released his album Oblivion. The single “Mutha Magick” combines a steely, high-intensity Noi$e beat with commanding raps from the Chattanooga, TN oracle, bbymutha.

My p*ssy heavy, I limp/ I push your baby in the corner/ Imma bully your pimp,” goes one of the many memorable lines. The song’s accompanying music video, animated by Aaron Hymes, features the duo in cartoon form, along with many other friends as they creep the grounds of a massive mansion. Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends vibes.

What are you up to right now — describe your surroundings.

First off, f*ck the police. And f*ck all these racists galavanting around the world [and] country. But currently watching one of those little electric vacuums clean my room.

Black Noi$e interview with Nylon






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