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  • And we’re back!

    And we’re back!

    Princess and The Big Blue are back on radio. You might have missed today’s show on Radio Free Tankwa, don’t worry we’ll be back next week. Tune in to RFT every Wednesday from 6PM (GMT+2)!

  • Indefinite hiatus

    Indefinite hiatus

    We haven’t been doing any radio shows for a while no and aren’t planning to do any in the near future. Please check out our Mixcloud for older shows.

  • This weeks radio show on Mixcloud

    We haven’t uploaded to our Mixcloud in a while, for the same reason as we haven’t updated this website in a while: plain old laziness. But here is this week’s show, the last one before heading out to Tankwa Town for AfrikaBurn 2022. It is jam packed with South African music, some of my favourite…

  • What? A new post on

    Yes, the website is still alive (or better: alive again, it was offline for a while). We haven’t updated here in a while, because… frankly because I am lazy. All the info you need to make AfrikaBurn 2022 the best experience it could be is to be found on the Quaggapedia: which is (kinda)…

  • Andrew Weatherall interview

    Inteview I talked about on the show with the late, great Andrew Weatherall who’s approach to music and DJ’ing definitely resonates with me and inspires me. Check out the full interview, including a transcript on

  • Princess tells a story, tomorrow at AfrikaBurn HQ

    Southern Rights & Wrongs story telling around the theme “Building Character” tomorrow live at the AfrikaBurn headquarters in Salt River, Cape Town. Your princess will tell the story of experience as part of the Subeterrafuge build crew. Tickets available on Quicket: All proceeds go to AfrikaBurn. If you cannot make it for the live…

  • We are back! 📻

    Tune in to Shouting Fire or Radio Free Tankwa this evening 7PM South African time 📻

  • Solar Santa comes to Quaggafontein

    Head over to the AfrikaBurn Binnenkring blog to read the latest adventures of Solar Santa, who gifted much more than just solar energy when he came to AfrikaBurn:

  • Travis Lyle’s last Baardskeerder AfrikaBurn newsletter

    Travis Lyle a.k.a DJ Hedmekanik of Radio Free Tankwa fame and general good egg, is signing out of his duties as AfrikaBurn Head of Communications, which he performed with great aplomb for seven years. If you haven’t read it yet, make sure to read the last Baardskeerder (AfrikaBurn newsletter) written by him. Luckily there is…

  • Lefto show on Kiosk Radio

    Every Sunday 18:00 to 20:00 Belgian time (GMT+1) on Or re-listen on Mixcloud: