Theme Camp newsletter

If you registered a theme camp this year, you should have received e-mail from our beloved head of theme camps Sonica. It was titled “TC Newsletter Feb 2019” and sent out on Monday (Feb 25th).

Most important info in there:

Theme Camp applications close 28 February 2019.

As do Form 2 and 3!!

So get those forms completed! Without Form 2 & 3 we cannot give you placement, so don’t delay, fill in your forms today.

see also our post about this

WAPs (Work Access Passes)

You should have gotten a mail from your theme camp wrangler as well, let them know how many WAPs you need, they include vehicle access and you need them to get on site before Monday to set up your lovely theme camp!

Theme Camp leads Meet & greet

The first Theme Camp Meet and Greet will happen this Thursday evening. The Theme Camp Committtee thought it may be nice to try and find a way to enable Camp Leads to share resources and ideas of what works well for Theme Camps set up. If you wanna share resources, come meet your counterparts.

  • When: 28 February (deadline day!!)
  • Where: Forex in Observatory
  • When: 18:00 -20:00

Sound Meeting

All Theme Camps that have Sound as a gift are invited to join The Sound Meeting for all registered project with sound. This is a mandatory meeting for all Sound Camps.

  • When: 13 March
  • Where: ABHQ Junction Hotel, 8 Junction Rd., Salt River
  • Time: 18:00

And all the info you need about suppliers and how to be and stay “in good standing” as a theme camp, which is essential if you want to come back next year.

So read the newsletter!






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