Tronco Traxx – “Walk for Me”

20 Tracks That Defined the Sound of Ballroom, New York’s Fiercest Queer Subculture

Tronco Traxx, producer Robbie Tronco and MC Thomas Biscardi, were behind several iconic ballroom-inspired tracks, like “CUNT (She’s a Cunt, She’s a Pussy),” and “Runway (As a House).” But “Walk for Me’s” minimal 909 beats and commanding presence — Biscardi chants “walk for me” with so much attitude it sounds like a taunt — made it a no-brainer for runway walk-offs, with Biscardi referencing ballroom lingo with lines like “Butch queen up in pumps!”

Tronco also played at clubs like Shampoo in Philly and Tracks in D.C., and the song became so popular in the gay nightlife scene that DJs would often isolate the vocal and drop it over other tracks in their sets. “Walk for Me” remains a classic, sampled by everyone from footwork pioneer DJ Rashad to U.K. DJs like Joy Orbison and Boddika.






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