Dynamix II

Miami’s David Noller and Scott Weiser, aka Dynamix II, are among a very few of the first wave of American electro and bass music artists to have successfully translated their old-school credentials into new-school relevance. The producers behind classic roof-raisers “Bass Generator,” “Ignition,” and “Just Give the DJ a Break,” Noller and Weiser carved out a signature niche in early electro with a kitchen-sink-style megamix approach, amplifying electro’s energy level, deepening the low-end, and playing up its robotic themes with ample vocoded vocals and squirty electronics.

The group formed in 1985 after Noller, a local DJ who had recently started making tracks, met Weiser and the two began building a studio together. Noller was signed to Bass Station records at the time, and Dynamix appeared through a handful of other Miami labels before the pair set up their eponymous imprint in 1988. Although mostly of only local interest beginning in the late ’80s, when electro died out in favor of rap, the group got a big boost nearly a decade later, when U.K.-based label Rephlex — owned by Richard James, aka Aphex Twin — reissued lectro Megamix: 1985-Present, an all-in-one-place collection of their biggest tunes from over the years, and originally released on the Joey Boy label in 1997.

A stream of new material has appeared since then, including “We Are Your Future” and “The Plastic Men,” both through Joey Boy. A collaboration with British producer Ian Loveday, aka Eon, also appeared through Wax Trax/TVT in 1999. Additionally, Dynamix II have remixed fellow Florida group Rabbit in the Moon and Expansion Union. Most of their LPs and singles from throughout the years remained in print.



Clap! Clap!

Clap! Clap!, aka Cristiano Crisci, is an internationally acclaimed producer and performer. One of Italy’s brightest new talents, Clap! Clap! brings together disparate inspirations and styles onto the dancefloor of his mind.



Débruit is a musical explorer who imagines alternate worlds and the way they’d sound. He plays with time and disparate sounds, molding static dimensions and geographical borders into new asymmetrical audio-forms. His music is electronic but with a human feel; it explores complementary culture clashes, combining elements that have never existed together before


Episode 30 tracklist

This week’s playlist:

  1. N.W.A – Straight Outta Compton
  2. Shift Work – LA (S.L.O.W.) (Health & Safety Mix)
  3. Mary Jane Girls – In My House (12″ Version)
  4. Taana Gardner – Heartbeat (Larry Levan’s Club Version)
  5. Aeroplane – Love On Hold (feat. Tawatha Agee)
  6. Debruit – Nigeria What?
  7. Clap! Clap! – (I) Ingenuousness
  8. Dynamix II – Night Ride (Xquizit DJX Radio Edit) (feat. Diamond Eyez)
  9. De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig – Watskeburst (Dexter’s Dexter Is Een Baas Edit)
  10. Fat Boys – The Fat Boys Are Back