Episode 17 tracks

  1. Alex Reece – Feel the Sunshine
  2. Bomb the Bass – Bug Powder Dust (K&D Session™)
  3. MC Solaar – Nouveau Western
  4. Beastie Boys – Root Down
  5. Portishead – Revenge of the Number
  6. Chance the Rapper – Prom Night
  7. Donna McGhee – I’m a Lovebug
  8. Queen – Another One Bites the Dust

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Or download it as MP3: https://ptbb.co.za/dl17


Pyro Workshop & Fire Perimeter Training

Saturday 2 March from 10 till 13 at AfrikaBurn HQ aka Junction Hotel

If you’ve got a project planned or registered that will make use of pyro, will burn, or will need a safe perimeter, you’d know that attending Fire Perimeter Safety training session is compulsory if you want your piece to burn.

Facebook event

#CapeTown #AfrikaBurn