First things first: how the hell you pronounce it?

The name itself sounds like the boom of a bassline. Meaning “drum” in Zulu, Gqom is pronounced as a single syllable and starts with a palatal click reminiscent of the rhythmic kick drums of the genre.

from Gqom—The Sound from the Townships of South Africa – Indie Guides Magazine

Better than trying to explain music, you should just listen to it:

But if you prefer reading, here are some links:

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Episode 14 tracklist

  1. Camel Power Club – Fisher [00:00]
  2. Digital Underground – Freaks of the Industry [08:46]
  3. Fannypack – Cameltoe [18:10]
  4. Camel Power Club – Laika [23:36]
  5. New York Dolls – Looking for a Kiss [31:44]
  6. Tonton du Bled / Craig Thompson – H & K Riddim [39:54]
  7. Wiley – Boasty (feat. Idris Elba) [49:40]
  8. DJ Lag – 3 Step Culo [57:42]
  9. Benjamin Ball – I Just Keep Dancing [1:05:00]