Category: Episode 14

  • Gqom

    First things first: how the hell you pronounce it? The name itself sounds like the boom of a bassline. Meaning “drum” in Zulu, Gqom is pronounced as a single syllable and starts with a palatal click reminiscent of the rhythmic kick drums of the genre. from Gqom—The Sound from the Townships of South Africa –…

  • It’s a wrap

    Episode 14 is a wrap! Thanks for tuning in to Radio Free Tankwa for our first live broadcast from our living room straight on air. In case you missed it, the show will go onto our Mixcloud, just like all our previous shows. Just give us a day to upload it. #RFT

  • Episode 14 tracklist

    Camel Power Club – Fisher [00:00] Digital Underground – Freaks of the Industry [08:46] Fannypack – Cameltoe [18:10] Camel Power Club – Laika [23:36] New York Dolls – Looking for a Kiss [31:44] Tonton du Bled / Craig Thompson – H & K Riddim [39:54] Wiley – Boasty (feat. Idris Elba) [49:40] DJ Lag –…